For Britons who want to add an extra touch of exclusivity to their Renault Clio RS, the French brand has launched an optional package that takes the black color as a base.b The Renault Clio RS Black Edition can already be ordered from dealers in the UK for an additional price between 200 and 350 pounds sterling depending on the finish of the French model. Available for the Renault Clio RS Black Edition and for the Renault Clio RS 220 Trophy Black Edition, the equipment package includes the same elements. Outer doors of the doors, the side frames, the B pillars, the splitter, the frame of the back door and the diffuser appear in black. In addition, the Clio RS Black Edition includes the wheels in black to differentiate it from the 220 hp version. The optional Black Edition package is now available from Renault dealers and can be ordered for any exterior body color. Remembering that the Clio RS is available with a 1.6-liter turbocharged 200 hp engine (220 hp in the Trophy version) and comes coupled to an EDC seven-speed automatic clutch with fins on the steering wheel. Prices in the UK start at £ 21,000 and £ 22,500, respectively.


The limited series Renault Duster Dakar II is back inspired by the most famous and challenging rally in the world. The Dakar series stands out for its unique look, packed equipment list and the already well-known strength of the Duster SUV, which has participated in the last five editions of the rally. The SUV can be easily recognized on the street thanks to the sticker on the bottom of the doors with the inscription ‘Dakar Spirit’, a striking feature of the series. Just below the mirrors is the famous Dakar emblem, plus a demonstration that the Duster is a true off-road. In this series Dakar II, the covers of the mirrors are black and volkswagen beetle car covers for car safety. Another exclusive is the new 16-inch wheels in black and silver diamonds. The 215/65 R16 tires ensure excellent off-road capability without sacrificing comfort. To make the Dakar Duster even more adventurous, the model can be equipped with Outsider accessories, which adds a tailgate extension and front protector with additional headlights in black.

Inside, highlight the panel in two colors. Other differentials are the headrests and steering wheel with emblems of the series Dakar, in addition to the banks with new upholstery. The excellent internal space and the high position of driving are maintained trumps that consecrated the Duster. The version offers, as standard, the MEDIA Nav system that allows access to traffic information in real time, with updates through TMC (Traffic Message Channel) technology. For iPhone users, it is also possible to use SIRI application features, which capture the voice command of the driver, allows you to search for songs and people from the contact list, all without losing hands. The Duster Dakar II leaves the factory complete, with items such as air-conditioning, electro-hydraulic steering, autopilot, parking sensor, on-board computer and fog lights. In this limited series, the rear-view camera and the autopilot with speed limiter are no longer optional and are offered as standard. The Renault Duster Dakar II will be offered in three versions: 1.6 16V SCe (120 hp), which guarantees economy and pleasure when driving; 2.0 16V 4×2 (148 hp) with automatic transmission, for more comfort in the city; and the adventurous 2.0 16V 4X4 with six-speed manual transmission and multilink rear suspension. Duster engines are featured in the Brazilian Vehicle Labeling Program (PBEV), developed by Inmetro, with an ‘A’ rating on fuel consumption in all versions.


  • Dakar II 1.6 16V SCe – R $ 74.090
  • Dakar II 2.0 16V 4×2 AT – R $ 85,670
  • Dakar II 2.0 16V 4×4 – R $ 87,220


Successful sales in Brazil, the Duster SUV and the Duster Oroch Pickup have won the public thanks to their robustness, innovation, ample internal space and versatility. Now the two models reach the 2017 line with a remarkable improvement in energy efficiency of up to 11.5% in 2.0 engines, compared to the previous model. In addition, there are important news: all versions 2.0 16V models are now equipped with electro-hydraulic steering, which ensures greater comfort and lower consumption; the 2.0 16v engine is more efficient; there was an evolution in ergonomics; and, finally, the Duster Oroch receives the option of automatic transmission. Renault sought Formula 1 solutions to improve the energy efficiency of the SUV and the pick-up. The ESM (Energy Smart System) regeneration system works simply and efficiently. During the deceleration of the car, when the driver withdraws his foot from the accelerator, the engine continues to rotate without consuming fuel. At that point, the alternator automatically starts to recover energy and send it to the battery, which increases its load without fuel consumption. During acceleration, the alternator does not need to ‘steal’ engine power to send to the battery, since there was the load on the deceleration. Another notable development in terms of comfort and consumption reduction is the adoption of electro-hydraulic steering. For the driver, this represents an even lighter direction and less effort when maneuvering. The variable-effort steering still adjusts for speed, getting heavier at higher speeds and providing greater safety. As in this system the steering pump starts to be driven by a separate electric motor, not by the car engine, it avoids the loss of power and reduces the fuel consumption by up to 2%.

Produced at the Renault factory in São José dos Pinhais (PR), the 2.0 16V engine is undergoing an evolution. From a tangential force change in the cylinder ring, there was a reduction of internal friction, generating an improvement in fuel consumption. The 2.0 engine, which maintained the power and torque figures, is highlighted in the Brazilian Vehicle Labeling Program (PBEV), prepared by Conpet, with ‘A’ in fuel consumption in the Duster equipped with manual transmission and in the Oroch Duster, including the new version with automatic transmission. The adoption of ‘green tires’ for the Duster 2.0 (already present in the Duster Oroch) with lower rolling resistance also helps to improve efficiency. These tires are lighter and heavier, thanks to the addition of some special compounds to the original rubber and silica blend that gives rise to tires without compromising on safety, grip and durability. The development of the 2017 line of Duster Oroch and Duster involved 74 engineers from RTA (Renault Technology Americas), which aims to develop products tailored to Latin American consumer needs and profile. Over a two-year period, 121 units were tested in countries such as Brazil, Argentina and France with a focus on reducing fuel consumption.

For the consumer looking for a greater reduction in fuel consumption, both the Duster and Duster Oroch offer the EcoMode function, which can be actuated by means of the button located on the center panel. This mode limits the power and torque of the engine, as well as reducing the power of the air conditioner, which allows a reduction of 10% in fuel consumption. Another feature is the Gear Shift Indicator (GSI) gearshift indicator, which helps the driver to drive economically and efficiently by suggesting when to reduce or increase the gear to better take advantage of engine characteristics. Both Duster and Duster Oroch have also evolved in ergonomics to improve day-to-day passenger behavior. The control of the rear-view mirrors, for example, is now at the driver’s door. Another change was the adoption of ‘one-touch’ glass, which brings greater comfort and practicality to passengers. There is also the global closing of the windows by the key in the Dynamique version, just the driver to give two clicks on the remote control of the car, so that the glasses rise automatically.

Automatic Oroch Duster

The innovative Duster Oroch pickup, which has created a segment between small and large pickups, increases its range of versions with the adoption of the four-speed automatic, the same as the Duster SUV. The reliable automatic transmission guarantees the driver the maximum comfort without giving up the robustness and versatility already characteristics of the pick-up. With the new transmission, the Duster Oroch offers even greater shooting comfort, especially for users who use it in the city. Today, around 48% of consumers in large urban centers, such as Rio and São Paulo, opt for automatic cars. The automatic transmission of the Duster Oroch is one of the most robust on the market, ideal for the application in pick-ups, due to the need to load. Although it is an automatic transmission, for the driver who wishes to change gears manually, slight touches on the gearshift lever allow the driver to do so. The automatic gearbox was developed taking into account the efficiency of the car, as well as comfort and speed of coupling, in addition to offering all the reliability of Renault.


Expression Manual 1.6 16V Hi-Flex ……………………. R $ 66,490
Dynamique Manual 1.6 16V Hi-Flex …….. ……………… R $ 72.580
Dynamique Automatic 2.0 16V Hi-Flex …… ………… R $ 83.540
Dynamique 4×4 Plus 2.0 16V Hi -Flex …… … …… ….. R $ 84,690


Expression 1.6 16V Hi-Flex ………… … ……………… R $ 66,080
Dynamique 1.6 16V Hi-Flex ………… …. …………… ..R $ 70,580
Dynamique 2.0 16V Hi -Flex ………… …. …………… ..R $ 74.580
Dynamique Automatic 2.0 16V Hi-Flex … …………. R $ 76,580


The innovative pickup Duster Oroch, which creates a segment between small and large pick-ups, increases its line with the arrival of the Express version. Now Renault is innovating once again, providing a work-oriented configuration that will be available for sales starting at R $ 66,190. With more than 22 thousand units sold in Brazil and recognized for its robustness, Duster Oroch maintains its main characteristics in the Express version. This version stands out as an ideal vehicle for mixed use, with 4 doors, comprising 5 passengers with the excellent comfort provided by the large internal space and the independent rear suspension Multilink, in addition to providing an excellent load capacity of 680 kg, which is much larger than all its competitors, making it an ideal vehicle for work-oriented use. This increased load capacity is the result of the hard work of the engineering team of Renault, which through various optimizations has consolidated Duster Oroch Express as leader in this area.

The pick-up receives as optional air-conditioning and electric windows, which constitute the Comfort Pack (R $ 3,400). For customers wishing to further expand their use for work, we offer the Pack Service (R $ 1,090) which consists of bucket extensions and rear protection grille. The Duster Oroch Express is available with the new 1.6 SCe engine with 120 hp, always associated with a five-speed manual gearbox. This set ensures fuel economy and driving pleasure. The pick-up comes out of the factory with electro-hydraulic steering, which allows less effort when performing maneuvers. As in this system the steering pump starts to be driven by a separate electric motor, it avoids the loss of power and reduces the fuel consumption. In addition, the vehicle already comes equipped with standard bucket protector and hooks for cargo mooring. The 1.6 SCe engine, which maintained the power and torque figures, is highlighted in the Brazilian Vehicle Labeling Program (PBEV), prepared by Conpet, with ‘A’ grade in fuel consumption. For even more economy, this version comes equipped with Eco-mode, which reduces vehicle consumption by up to 10%. This version also stands out as offering a differentiated condition for rural producers, which can be complemented with exclusive financing plans, allied to maintenance packages of 1 to 3 years.